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Enterprise Resource Planning by BonaERP

Enterprise Resource Planning by BonaERP – Features

BonaERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including:-
Benefits about ERP:-

• Sales Management
• Purchase Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Project Management
• Warehouse Management
• Manufacturing
• Accounting & Finance
• Content Management
• E-commerce
• Asset Management
• Human Resource Management
• Fleet Management
• Event Management

• Social Network
• Point of Sale
• Knowledge and Document Management
• Calendar
• Expense Management
• Time Tracking
• Employee Appraisals
• Manufacturing Resource Planning
• Portal
• Employee Directory
• Address Book
• Recruitment Process
• Payroll Management

• Competitive Advantage
• Improved Process Efficiency
• Accurate Forecasting
• Department Collaboration
• Scalable Resource
• Integrated Information
• Cost Savings
• Streamlined Processes
• Mobility
• Customized Reporting
• Increased Productivity
• Regulatory Compliance

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For SME businesses to remain competitive in the market, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) initiates SMEs Go Digital Programme to assist SMEs in adopting technology to increase sales and productivity. To further encourage SMEs businesses to adopt technology in their business, Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) was launched to encourage SMEs. The grant enables SMEs to embark on their digital journey with financial support as well as a list of established consultants’ solutions to choose from.


Being one of the IMDA pre-approved consultants for PSG grant, Bona Technologies mindfully designed the following packages to aid SMEs, of all sizes, in beginning their digital journey:-


•  Package (E17) – Startup

•  Package (E30) – SMEs

•  Package (E42) – Sales and Supply Chain

•  Package (A33) – Ecommerce and POS

•  Package (A22.5) – ERP & Ecommerce


Start your digital journey today, with PSG grant and either one of our packages, to boost your sales, increase productivity and connectivity.

Go Digital
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Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) a highly secured and safe international network designed to simplify the payment process between government bodies and suppliers. In 2019, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) implemented the nationwide e-invoicing network to assist local businesses to improve productivity, save cost, enjoy fast payment, and go paperless. This network is an extension of the International Peppol E-delivery network which will allow businesses to transact internationally with other companies that implemented the e-invoicing platform. Singapore government also encourages suppliers to submit e-invoices to the Government agencies via PEPPOL e-invoicing network.


Being one of the IMDA service providers for PEPPOL e-invoicing network, Bona Technologies is ready to assist local SMEs to implement e-invoicing software for their businesses and ultimately enjoy the benefits from the implementation of the e-invoicing software. All our packages have included the PEPPOL module to ease local businesses worrisome in finding the right e-invoicing vendor for the implementation.

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