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BonaForce CRM for Startups & Micro SMEs!!
The software that helps you to “Find new clients & make more money!”

Everything you need in a CRM for Singapore Startups & Micro SMEs: Email, SMS Marketing + Sales Funnel + CRM + Purchase + Calendar + Tasking & more!

The CRM specially designed for Singapore SMEs, by Singapore SMEs.

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BonaFORCE is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) created especially for SMEs.

Consolidating feedback, issues & suggestions over the past decade as well as with a view to the future and in light of the current economical challenges, Bona Technologies is proud to present bonaFORCE with specialized features to support SMEs in terms of economical marketing, tasks & issues follow up, customer surveys, digital name-card and brochure & more.

Developed by SMEs, for SMEs. Bonaforce is a Singapore-grown solution. #SGUnited

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