Compliance with PSG Guidelines

IMDA and ESG would like to highlight and bring your kind attention to the following below:

1. Compliance to IMDA Programme Guidelines under PSG

2. Enquiries on PSG Applications on behalf of BGP applicants and submitting PSG Applications on behalf of BGP applicants

3. Vendor’s advice on changing or adding to BGP applicants’ SSIC Code

Compliance to IMDA Programme Guidelines under PSG:

It has come to our attention that a number of vendors have been promoting their PSG solutions with free incentives, such as offering free PSG non-supportable components, offering interest rebates or having financial loans tied to the pre-approved packages.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some examples that breach the Pre-approval Letter of Appointment (LOA):

  • Provide discount on PSG packages
  • Provide cashback on PSG packages
  • Provide free incentives such as
  • hardware that are non-supportable by PSG
  • vouchers, or other tangible benefits
  • credits e.g. stock photos, advertising credits, delivery credits
  • services e.g. Photoshoot, Videography
  • Vendors partnering with finance companies to provide interest free loans to SMEs, where the interest charges are absorbed by the vendor
  • Vendors should not accept private (personal) credit card installation plans as a payment option for PSG packages
  • Vendors did not deliver all the PSG Annex 3 components to BGP applicant
  • Vendor upselling their packages to customers for the sake of claiming grants. PSG package is to support client’s current scale of operations, and the package size purchased should not be to cater for future manpower expansion plans.

Vendors are discouraged from launching advertising promotions that bundle free PSG non-supportable components with PSG packages.

You may contact for clarifications before embarking on your advertising campaigns.

Please note Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital Guide Clause 3.2.6, that is part of the Pre-approval vendor LOA:

The Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital Vendor shall not: agree to offer or offer to its customers; agree to accept or accept from its customers; or agree to share or share with its customers, any incentives or government grant. Forms of incentives may include, but is not limited to, rebates, cash-backs, gifts in kind, loans or credit facilities. 


Enquiries on PSG Applications on behalf of BGP applicants and submitting PSG Applications on behalf of BGP applicants

If there are any questions pertaining to ESG related Business Grant Portal application, please email to as Enterprise Singapore would be able to provide accurate replies to all enquiries.

Below is a list of matters that IMDA is unable to assist:

  • Check status of PSG application
  • Assist in reducing application lead time for the applicant
  • Appeal on behalf of the applicant
  • Check if applicant’s UEN is eligible for BGP application
  • Check if applicant is able to get a grant

In the event where vendor wishes to make further clarifications ( including application involving agencies other than ESG), vendors may write in to for assistance.

Please provide background information and communications with in the email.

As per the vendor’s letter of offer, BGP vendors should not be involved in the application process and make enquiries on behalf of BGP applicants.

Vendors should not guide BGP applicants to provide standard replies to BGP application clarifications.

Enquiries related to BGP Application:

If BGP Applicants require assistance in the BGP application, vendors can refer them to SME Centers. []

If BGP Applicants encounter any technical difficulties during the BGP application, vendors can refer them to the BGP Helpdesk: [+65 6708 7288] and

Enquiries related to Go Business:

If there are any errors on Go Business website, vendors can contact: (+65) 6336 3373 and write into for assistance.

Vendor’s advice on changing or adding to SME’s SSIC Code

A company’s SSIC registration should accurately reflect its line of business, and should not be amended for the purposes of obtaining grant support. This has potential fraud risk if companies falsely declare that they are from particular sectors to obtain sector specific support.